About Me

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. My research is most easily described as labor economics or as applied microeconomics, but I do research in a number of fields, making links to gender, families, relationships, and violence. I’m also a somewhat reluctant economic historian (it’s just so fun!). I am in a visiting position at Lafayette (the views expressed here are my own, and do not necessarily represent those of the College or the Economics Department). Come visit! I don’t know what we can do here, but I will find out.

Recently, I described myself as “the poster child for you can do whatever you want with an economics degree.” Before graduate school at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I did my undergraduate work at Duke University in Economics and Spanish/Latin American Studies, and worked as a journalist in Venezuela. My heart will always be in Caracas, but my passport is still in Bariloche, Argentina, if anyone wants to go looking for it. I also taught swim lessons, lifeguarded, and worked in pricing and marketing for Dex, the local/regional yellow pages in Colorado.

I’ve lived in half a dozen countries and forgotten at least as many languages. My Spanish is all there and my Portuguese is still decent, but please don’t ask me anything except whether I’m thirsty in Tamil.

You can email me at efletche [at] gettysburg [dot] edu.

You can download my latest CV here: erinkfletcher_cv2012.

I am on the 2013/2014 Economics Job Market and will be available for interviews at the ASSA/AEA meetings in January. My job market paper, Match Quality and Maternal Investments in Children, is available here: matchquality_080712.

There also might be more (or just different) information here: www.erinkfletcher.com

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Erin,

    David here. We met in the courtyard during your visit with Becky and Joel. Your website design is easy to navigate. I’ve read several of your entries so far. Your writing is sharp and easy to read because you spice it with proper doses of humor. I enjoyed “The Westerns” entry. Here’s a funny thing — the night we were talking in the courtyard about how many colleges I attended, we never got to the college where I graduated — Grand Valley State, where Claudia Smith is a professor. (I attended Thomas Jefferson, one of the 4 clusters — the hippie college.)

    I enjoyed meeting you. I’ll be a frequent visitor to your site.

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